Mission and values

PIVDENNYI sees its mission in creating and executing winning solutions, which address its clients’ most complex and multi-product needs.

We are committed to building and maintaining long term partnership with clients by providing them with comprehensive financial solutions, superior products and services. We believe that customer comes first and in our activities we are guided by the following principles:

  • Putting society’s social interests ahead of the Bank’s private interests

    First of all, this principle is manifested in the Bank’s compliance with laws, ethical and sustainable business practices, taking responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of decisions as well as in refusal to finance environmentally harmful and socially dangerous projects;

  • Reasonable conservatism

    Preferring to develop banking products with a time-proven track record, the Bank nevertheless endeavors to keep abreast of the latest trends on the financial markets and reasonably implements new banking technologies;

  • Reliability

    The Bank strictly fulfils all of its obligations and highly values its established reputation of a reliable and transparent bank;

  • Fair price

    The Bank sets fair prices on its services with due regard for its own interests, the clients’ interests and market conditions;

  • Amiability

    The Bank ensures amiable relations with each other internally, with customers and with the wider community;

  • Risks minimization

    The Bank uses all available practices to insure its activities against possible losses and for this purpose maintains insurance of its financial risks and makes insurance provisions.