The Bank is a public joint stock company limited by shares and was set up in accordance with Ukrainian regulations.

The major shareholders of the Bank are six Ukrainian and one foreign companies and nine individuals who collectively own over 38% and over 60% of the outstanding shares, respectively. The ultimate controlling party of the Bank is a Ukrainian national, Mr. Yuriy Rodin.


In January 2008 East Capital Explorer Financial Institutions Fund has purchased a 9.98% stake in PIVDENNYI Bank.

Founded in 1997, East Capital is a leading, independent asset manager specialising in Eastern European financial markets. The company, which is headquartered in Stockholm, with offices in Paris, Tallinn, Moscow, Oslo, Hong Kong and Milan, actively manages over EUR 5.7bn, basing its investment strategy on thorough knowledge of the markets, fundamental analysis and frequent company visits by fund managers and analysts.

The East Capital Financial Institutions Fund is a EUR 500m private equity fund, which makes equity investments in companies within the financial sector in Eastern Europe.