Financing against VAT compensation

Financing is provided after approval of the amount of the refund by the SFS through the moment of actual crediting (by the treasury) of the underlying funds to the current account of the client in Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank.

Given the complex and time-consuming administration process for VAT refunds from the budget, which imposes significant time commitments and financial costs on taxpayers, Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank would like to make use of an unprecedented program in the banking market of Ukraine – financing businesses for the replenishment of their working capital against future VAT refunds.

Advantages of the loan:

  • The client obtains the right to an unlimited number of tranches within the scope of the general agreement after approval of the required amount by the SFS
  • No security or guarantees
  • The interest rate is determined individually for each tranche
Main conditions
The term of each tranche
is up to 15 banking days
Crediting currency
Interest rate
to be determined individually
Loan amount
90% of the amount of the budgetary refund agreed with the SFS
Terms of repayment
interest on the loan should be repaid on the day of collection of the VAT refund from the budget
is not required
Borrower requirements
at least 12 months of business activity
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