Loans to sailors

Are you setting out on a voyage and want your family to live in comfort until you receive your first salary? Pivdenny Bank offers sailors unsecured loans.

Advantages of the loan:

  • loan period — 12 months (fixed);
  • from UAH 5,000 up to UAH 500,000;
  • fixed interest rate — 15 % per year (real annual interest rate 72.20 – 78.92 % per year);
  • repayment of the principal starts from the 3rd month of use of the credit funds;
  • repayment of the monthly comisson 2.5% frm the 2nd month;
  • without insurance costs.
Principal terms and conditions
Loan amount

from UAH 5,000 up to UAH 500,000 (Pivdenny Bank offers loans from UAH 5,000 up to UAH 500,000 to existing clients and from UAH 5,000 up to UAH 150,000 to new clients)

In both cash and cashless form

without extra expenses

Interest rate

15 % per year

Monthly commission

2.5 % from the 2nd calendar month

Loan collateral

no collateral if the seaman receives payment under the contract on the account in Pivdenny Bank more than 6 months; otherwise - the guarantee of an individual

Specific features of the loan

This offer is extended to sailors - resident of Ukraine with a total sea going record starting at 6 months and receiving income on contract to their accounts or to accounts of family members or relatives opened in a Ukrainian bank within the scope of the “Sailors” programme.

Borrower’s age — from 21 years. Maximum borrower’s age on full repayment of the loan – 65 years.

Necessary documents

  • Ukrainian passport (passport of the borrower and husband/wife/guarantor);
  • taxpayer ID number (ID number of the borrower and husband/wife/guarantor);
  • marriage/divorce certificate (if any).
  • certificate/passport of the sailor and/or sailor's seagoing service record book.

Additional documents required for new clients of Pivdenny Bank:

  • statement of income under contract from an account in a Ukrainian bank during the past 12 months;
  • for guarantors — a document proving receipt of income.

Information on obtaining a consumer loan

Essential characteristics of the service for providing a consumer loan, information on the availability, list and cost of additional and/or related services of a financial institution, credit intermediaries and third parties, including the amount of payment and the basis for its calculation, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, see the calculator in the Documents section.

The Bank's web page, where the terms of the agreement are posted (including its public part, offers) and other standard agreements on the provision of consumer loans, internal rules for the provision of financial services by the Bank, is located here.

The page of the official Internet representation of the National Bank, on which the State Register of Financial Institutions is located, can be found here.

We recommend that the consumer immediately inform the Bank about unauthorized access or changes to the consumer’s information in the Bank’s remote service system.

The order and procedure for protecting personal data of consumers is located here.

The consumer has the right, after termination of the agreement for the provision of a consumer loan, including expiration, termination or execution of such an agreement, to contact the Bank with a request for information (certificate) regarding the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations established by the agreement, including information (certificate) about the absence debt and fulfillment of the consumer’s obligations under the agreement in full, which the Bank provides in the form of a paper or electronic document (at the consumer’s choice) within five business days from the date the financial institution receives such a request.

Information on the procedure for the Bank's consideration of consumer requests (complaints) regarding the consumer loan service is located here.

The possibility and conditions for early termination of the agreement on the provision of a consumer loan, as well as the method of such termination of the agreement, terms and conditions for the return of funds:

The Borrower has the right to repay the consumer loan in full or in part at any time, including by increasing the amount of periodic payments, without any additional fee associated with early repayment. In the event of early repayment of a consumer loan, the borrower pays the lender interest on the loan and the cost of all services related to servicing and repayment of the loan for the period of actual use of the loan.

The Client has the right to withdraw from a particular Application Service Provision Agreement (if required by applicable legislation of Ukraine) and terminate this Agreement and close accounts on the basis of a written application (except when early closure/refusal/termination of the agreement is prohibited by law), provided that there are no outstanding debts or valid Application-Agreements/Agreements at the Bank, and all PCs have been returned at the request of the Bank, including those issued to the Client's proxies. This Agreement is considered terminated on the day of account closure and full fulfilment of obligations under this Agreement.

The Borrower has the right within 14 (Fourteen) calendar days from the date of conclusion of the Loan Agreement to withdraw from the Loan Agreement for any reason or no reason on the basis of a written application in the manner prescribed by Art. 15 of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Lending. The Borrower does not have the right to withdraw from the Loan Agreement if at the time of the Borrower's withdrawal from the Loan Agreement, the purchase of works (services) provided for by the Loan Agreement has already taken place.

Potential risks for the client in using consumer loans. Warning

Concluding and servicing a consumer loan agreement in accordance with a certain lending programme requires the borrower to pay for services of the bank and/or third parties. Read more in the Documents section

Risk of late fulfilment of obligations under the consumer loan agreement in case of poor understanding of the terms/documents before concluding the loan agreement and/or mortgage agreement (pledge, surety).

Risk of scams associated with unauthorised use of client identity documents/data.

In case the borrower violates the terms of the loan agreement, the borrower pays a penalty (fine, penalty).

In cases provided for in the loan agreement and/or mortgage agreement (pledge, surety), the bank is entitled: to demand early repayment of loan payments and compensation for damages inflicted on the bank in breach of obligation, to recover mortgaged housing, property rights to it or other immovable/movable property according to Ukrainian legislation, and in case of insufficient funds received from the sale in the mortgage (pledge) of property, to repay the claim under the consumer loan agreement, the client's personal property may be levied to repay the loan, to apply to court in accordance with the procedure specified in the Ukrainian legislation.

The bank is entitled to transfer information on indebtedness to the credit bureau/Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine. Failure to comply with the obligation to repay a consumer loan can affect your credit history and complicate obtaining a consumer loan in the future.

Currency risks: Purchase and sale of currency to fulfil obligations under the loan agreement is carried out at the initiative of the bank only upon contractual debiting of funds from the client’s accounts. When buying and selling foreign currency, the Bank applies the current market exchange rate on the date of buying and selling foreign currency, and the bank fee for buying/selling foreign currency for UAH is charged in accordance with the Pivdenny Bank tariffs. Read more

The Bank is prohibited from requiring the consumer to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or associated person as a prerequisite for providing a consumer loan.

To make an informed decision about obtaining a consumer loan on the proposed terms, the consumer has the right to consider alternative types of consumer loans and financial institutions.

The Bank has the right to make changes to consumer loan agreements concluded with consumers only with the consent of the parties.

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30 or through remote electronic service channels.

Possible expenses for payments by the consumer for using a consumer loan depend on the payment method chosen by the consumer.

The consumer's initiation of an extension (longation, prolongation) of the repayment period of a consumer loan (deadline for fulfilling a monetary obligation) / loan term / validity period of a consumer loan agreement is carried out without changes.

Potential risks for the client in case of failure to fulfill obligations under the Loan Agreement regarding consumer lending

The amount of a penalty charged by the Bank may not exceed half of the amount received by the Borrower under the Loan Agreement, and may not be increased by agreement of the parties, subject to the requirements of Part 3 of Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Lending”, namely:

  • in case of delay in loan payments, the Borrower shall pay a penalty in the amount of double discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, which was in effect during the period of delay. The penalty shall be paid for each day of delay in fulfillment of obligations, starting from the first day of delay, including the date of payment. The penalty shall be charged on the overdue amount and cannot exceed 15% (fifteen percent) of the overdue amount. The penalty shall be calculated on the basis of conditional number of days in a year – 360, and actual number of days in a month;
  • in case of delay in interest or other payments, the Borrower shall pay a fine in the amount calculated according to the formula: 1% (one percent) of the overdue amount × n, where n is the number of days of delay;
  • in case of violation of the Loan Agreement, the Borrower shall pay a fine in the amount of 2% (two percent) of the loan amount for each case of such violation, namely:
    • to inform the Bank within three days about changes in the place of employment and/or residence, passport details, the client’s financial phone number, place of work, opened accounts and obtained loans with other banks, as well as about the creation of economic structures with the participation of the Borrower’s capital, about the initiation of a criminal case against the Borrower or about civil disputes involving the Borrower;
    • at least once a year to provide the Bank with information that characterizes the Borrower’s financial position in order to assess the Borrower’s financial position (certificates of the Borrower’s personal income and income of his/her family members issued by the employer, if any – income declarations, other documents that confirm permanent income of the Borrower and income of his/her family members), and at the Bank’s first request: statements of current accounts opened with other banks, certificates of availability of loans with other banks, issued directly by other banks;
    • when the Bank conducts inspections of the intended use of loan funds, analysis of the Borrower’s financial position, to provide the Bank with the originals and copies of all necessary documents and not to obstruct the conduct of such inspections;
    • in case of early repayment of the loan (portion thereof), to observe the debt payment procedure established by the Loan Agreement;
    • to conclude life insurance contracts with an insurance company approved by the Bank, and during the entire term provided for in the Loan Agreement if the insurance is provided for by the terms of the lending programs published on the Bank’s website, to ensure the validity of these insurance contracts, contribute insurance payments in accordance with the terms of the insurance contracts. The insurance payments under the insurance contracts for the first year of loan use shall be paid by the Borrower before the loan is granted. The insurance payments under the insurance contracts in the second and subsequent years of loan use shall be paid no later than 5 (five) business days prior to expiration of the term covered by the previous insurance payment. When payments are made by the insurer under the insurance contract, the Borrower is obliged to make additional insurance payments within 3 (three) business days as from the date of each such payment, in order to renew the insurance amount to the required level. In case of termination of the insurance contract in connection with the fulfillment of obligations by the insurer to the fullest extent, the Borrower is obliged to conclude a new insurance contract within 3 (three) business days as from the date of termination. The insurance amount under the life insurance contracts concluded by the Borrower pursuant to this clause of the Agreement must be no less than the loan amount in the first year of the term of this Agreement, and no less than the loan balance on the expiry date of the first and each subsequent year of loan use in the second and subsequent years of the term of this Agreement. In order to confirm the fulfillment of obligations provided for by this clause of the Agreement, the Borrower shall provide the Bank with relevant documents (copies of insurance contracts, payment documents, etc.);
    • to fulfill the Bank’s request for the provision of a collateral (to be provided by the Bank), by concluding a relevant contract no later than 10 (ten) business days as from the date on which the Bank sends relevant request to the Borrower’s address or the Borrower or his/her representative receives the request against signature.
  • if the Borrower violates the following conditions: three days before the date of dismissal from the current place of work, to notify the Bank of such dismissal, repay the loan, pay the accrued interest for loan use to the fullest extent, in compliance with the debt payment procedure established by the Loan Agreement (if the loan is granted to an employee of the Bank), the Borrower shall pay a fine in the amount of 5% (five percent) of the loan amount used for the purposes not provided for in the Loan Agreement.

How do I repay my loan?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Pivdenny MyBank

    If you are a Pivdenny MyBank system user, complete the authorisation procedure and order services automatically.


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