“Buy and Sell T-Bills” package

The "Buy and Sell T-Bills” package is designed to meet all the needs of clients who want to invest T-Bills.

Advantages of the package

A current account under "Buy and Sell T-Bills” is opened for retail clients to buy and sell domestic government bonds (Government T-Bills).

The procedure to buy and sell Government T-Bills is simple and convenient. The client opens a current account in a branch under the "Buy and Sell T-Bills" package in UAH or a foreign currency. Subsequently a securities account is opened and a brokerage agreement is signed. A bank officer helps the client to select and buy T-Bills for his/her securities account. At maturity of the T-Bill, the Ministry of Finance (re-)pays the principal plus interest earned to the client’s current account in the "Buy and Sell T-Bills” package.

Account currency - UAH, USD, EUR.

Opening a current account in the "Buy and Sell T-Bills" package allows:

  • making cashless settlements under a brokerage agreement (such services are free of charge);
  • crediting funds to the account from repayment of T-Bills and payment of the funds from the account (free of charge);
  • obtaining transaction and balance account statements;
  • issuing power of attorney to a current account.

How do I order a package?

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