Exporter fee plan

Gearing your business toward increasing the existing and creating new export capabilities for Ukraine? This fee plan is right for you, then.

Advantages of Exporter fee plan:

  • Fee-free foreign currency sales
  • No charge for activation and maintenance of the Client-Bank system, Mobi-Card (SMS notification about account activity) and other services
  • Fee-free issuance of the first corporate payment card (one card valid for three years)
  • Minimum fee for cash withdrawals from current account

Who can apply?

Our bank offers this fee plan for legal entities of any form of ownership and sole proprietorships exporting goods and services.

Convenient and reliable services without unnecessary hassle:

  1. Free opening and maintenance of current accounts in the national and foreign currencies
  2. Convenient and reliable servicing using the Client-Bank system with the choice of regular and additional options
  3. Fee-free foreign currency sales
Fees for popular services under Exporter plan
Monthly service fee
200 UAH
Fee plan activation
Payment orders in the national currency via iFOBS outside the bank during operating hours, per month
20 payments fee-free
iFOBS remote service system
Opening the second and subsequent current accounts in the national and foreign currencies to legal entities and sole proprietorships
Foreign currency purchase fee

How to get?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Apply

    for an appropriate package and provide the necessary documents.

  • Sign

    the agreements.