Monego money transfers

MONEGO provides instant money transfers in UAH to card accounts in any Ukrainian bank. Using this system, you can replenish VISA or Mastercard payment cards issued by any Ukrainian bank from a Pivdenny Bank cash desk.

The funds will be accessible to recipients within minutes. To transfer the money, you only need the recipient’s card number. MONEGO makes it possible to transfer amounts up to UAH 50,000 and processes only UAH-denominated transfers.

Advantages of MONEGO money transfers:

  • Instant crediting: the funds are credited to the recipient within two minutes.
  • Convenient: funds may be transferred to a card issued by any Ukrainian bank.
  • Simple: to transfer the funds, you only need the recipient’s card number (16 digits).
  • Secure: the funds are transferred via Mastercard Worldwide and Visa Inc systems.

For detailed information on exchange rates, use this link.

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