mPOS terminals

Fcceptance of cards from VISA and Mastercard using the mini-terminals

Trade acquiring: mPOS terminals

Trade acquiring including mPOS mini-terminals is a banking service that enables acceptance of cards from VISA and Mastercard international payment networks for goods, works, services using the mini-terminals.

An mPOS mini terminal is a portable mobile terminal that is connected to a smartphone or a tablet and allows you to accept all types of payment cards (with magnetic tape, chip, as well as contactless technology) wherever it is convenient for you.

Advantages of mPOS terminals for the seller:

  1. Low cost and ease of registration.
  2. Full mobility and autonomy (up to 300 transactions per battery charge).
  3. Acceptance of all types of cards of VISA/Mastercard/PROSTIR payment networks.
  4. Absence of a monthly fee for using the terminal.
  5. Opportunity to integrate with a stationary cash register via USB/Bluetooth.
  6. Complete accounting of sales carried out using both cards and cash.
  7. Unified online analysis of income for all sales in different points of sale.
  8. Anti-Fraud suspicious transaction detection system.

Receiving payments via mPOS terminals will allow the seller to:

  1. Work anywhere: small size and autonomy.
  2. Keep online analytics and export data (xls, csv):
    - with respect to the terminal and manager;
    - with respect to cash and cashless payments at a point of sale.
  3. Transmit GPS coordinates along with a transaction to control.
  4. Send an electronic check to a mobile phone or email.
  5. Integrate with the vendor’s existing corporate applications.
  6. Arrange for multiple employees to work with one terminal.
  7. Work with the catalogue of goods and services.
  8. Carry out transactions on partial or full refunds.
  9. Enjoy full functionality as with ordinary POS terminals.

Mini terminals are the perfect solution for the following segments:

  1. Points of sale, Internet shops.
  2. Insurance companies.
  3. Medical companies and clinics.
  4. Transportation companies and delivery services.
  5. Service companies and providers.
  6. Taxi services.
  7. Other mobile vendors/sellers.

Rates for trade acquiring with mPOS terminals

Buying a mini-terminal

UAH 3,000 (for each terminal)

Interest payment under the agreement

2,75 %

For registration of trade acquiring with mPOS terminals:

  1. Visit the nearest branch of Pivdenny Bank and prepare an application.
  2. Conclude an agreement and sign the required documents.

As per the agreement, you will be provided with a mPOS terminal and receive remote training on the rules for connecting the terminal and accepting payment cards.