Pivdenny Bank offers favourable terms for crediting funds with Payoneer


Thanks to cooperation with Payoneer, freelancers will be able to receive funds quickly and profitably from clients from all over the world in an account opened with Pivdenny Bank.

Payoneer is an online payment platform that provides financial services, online money transfers and helps freelancers grow their international business.

Based on the needs of clients, Pivdenny Bank offers individuals and entrepreneurs favourable conditions for servicing and transferring funds with Payoneer:

  • the ability to receive funds from Payoneer without a fee;
  • fast crediting of funds to the account – on the same day.

Thus, clients will be able to receive funds from Payoneer accounts in USD without providing a large number of supporting documents.

In order to take advantage of these favourable conditions for transferring funds, simply open a payment card or current account in Pivdenny Bank, then add your account details to your Payoneer account and initiate the transfer of funds.

Order a card online and become a client of Pivdenny Bank: https://bank.com.ua/en/it-card

Together with favourable terms for crediting funds with Payoneer, Pivdenny Bank offers IT specialists a unique package of services thanks to the “IT Specialist Card”, which features:

  • favourable conditions for opening and servicing premium Mastercard and Visa cards;
  • the possibility of free cash withdrawals at any ATM outside Ukraine;
  • no currency conversion during card payments;
  • services for premium clients (concierge, insurance, FastLine, Lounge Key).