Impexmash-Банк Пивденный

Production and engineering centre «Impexmash» produces and markets baking and confectionery equipment, innovative food ingredients and bakery additives.

The company offers integrated business solutions, including both bakery and confectionery equipment, and various food additives, unique concentrates, confectionery ingredients, and other food mixtures.

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«Impexmash» PE terms of cooperation:

The loan is granted by transferring funds to the borrower's existing account from the loan account which are then transferred to the existing «Impexmash» PE account.

«Impexmash» PE terms of cooperation
Loan duration

up to 36 months

Loan currency


We make decisions on loans

within 10 working days

Loan amount

new bakery equipment (even and uneven repayment schedule) – up to 70% of cost

Borrower requirements:

  • Has been in continuous operation for more than 12 months.
  • Generating stable profits allowing the borrower to pay monthly instalments on the loan and to pay interest without negative consequences for the business; financial class of the borrower — at least 5.
  • Monthly payment on the loan plus interest — no more than 30% of the average proceeds from business activity (taking into account all previously assumed loan/lease commitments (including those to other banks).
  • A positive credit history (if any).
  • At least 70% of all agricultural land plots owned/leased by the borrower should be under his control for a term not less than the loan duration plus 1 year
  • Preference is given to borrowers/guarantors with their own agricultural machinery (at least 3 self-propelled vehicles).
  • Guarantee by the business.

Guarantor requirements:

  • A good business reputation.
  • 3 years of industry experience.
  • Excellent financial position.

Loan commissions:

  • Loan issuance fee — from 1% of the limit granted.
  • Commission for execution of the loan documents — UAH 500.
  • Annual commission — 0.5% of the balance of the debt.

Cost of the item to be bought:

Price specified in the agreement (including VAT). No property valuation is conducted unless the purchase and sale agreement was made more than 90 days before the conclusion of the collateral agreement (otherwise valuation is performed according to the effective statutory requirements).


The loan is secured mainly by the assets purchased by the borrower, who pledges the title of the asset to the bank until the moment of full compliance with the undertakings under the loan agreement.


One of the mandatory conditions for granting the loan is the insurance (annual) of the collateral by an accredited insurance company against inherent risks during the whole life-time of the loan agreement.

Loan/Principal repayment:

  • Uniform schedule — in equal instalments every month.
  • Irregular schedule — on an annual basis, at least 3 equal instalments per year.

Repayment of loan interest — on a monthly basis.

Conditions of financing:

Interest rate — from 8.1 % per year in UAH.