Partnership programmes

Along with other companies, Pivdenny Bank offers a range of partnership funding programmes which offer special favourable purchase terms of new agricultural machines and equipment, seeds, fertilisers and crop protection products.

Advantages of the partnership programme:

  1. Preferential interest rates.
  2. Guaranteed purchase of high-quality products from leading producers.
  3. No need to use funds from working capital.

Purchase of agricultural machinery

Pivdenny Bank offers agricultural producers the opportunity to take advantage of partnership financing programmes for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment. The programmes are developed jointly with leading Ukrainian manufacturers and dealers of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment. You can buy new or used products on special advantageous terms, which are significantly better than standard lending terms.

Increase of working capital

Pivdenny bank offers agricultural producers partnership programmes for financing working capital to purchase products from leading manufacturers of seeds, fertilisers, plant protection agents and other goods at special preferential terms. The cost of financing is lower than the cost of a bank loan. Conditions of financing: a revolving credit line and bill avalisation.