Specialised cards

Cards linked to deposit accounts, "Dreams” credit cards, additional cards for children.

Cards linked to deposit accounts

Deposit card

Cards issued to clients with deposits in the bank. You may select a card to be linked to your deposit account.

The simplest and the most affordable product for clients with deposits in the bank.

  • Payment card — free of charge.
  • No minimum account balance to earn interest on deposit.

“Dreams” credit card

Make your dreams come true!

  • Credit limit — up to UAH 100,000 (for the "Premium Credit Card” – up to UAH 500,000).
  • Grace period — up to 55 days for cashless card-based settlements for only 0.01% FEE per year.
  • Revolving credit line.

Additional cards for children

Teach your children about financial responsibility!

  • Personal cards for children from 6 to 18 years.
  • Payment for goods and services in POSs and online without a commission.
  • SMS notifications sent to the phone of the principal account owner.
  • The currency of the card is identical to the currency of the account of the principal owner (UAH/USD/EUR).