Business Analyst Business Process Development Management


  • Master’s degree in Economics /Mathematics;
  • at least 2 years of experience in the banking sector;
  • Presentation designing and holding;
  • experience with ABS B2, JetB2, isCard is preferable;
  • knowledge of Excel, Power Point;
  • analytical thinking, self-organization, critical thinking.
  • construction / optimization / reengineering of processes related to various bank areas (including internal processes) within the framework of large projects / tasks / initiatives;
  • research of bank business processes:
    • order of execution, environment and factors of influence;
    • analysis, documentation and modeling of requirements for processes (dictated by strategic goals, bank policy, vision of interested leaders, etc.);
  • analysis of the business logic of the processes, capabilities and methods of building / optimizing / reengineering processes in accordance with the requirements defined for them, the need for automation;
  • construction and modeling of the process execution process in accordance with the requirements and / or identified optimization methods;
  • coordination of the action plan necessary to change / build processes in accordance with the developed procedure:
    • setting goals for the implementation of activities necessary to change / build processes in accordance with a fixed plan;
    • coordination and control of the implementation of activities assigned to other employees / units;
  • participation in the implementation of modified / built processes;
  • modeling the execution order of the investigated processes using the Business Studio business modeling system;
  • promotion of ideas and principles of a process approach to management, development of a business process management system by deepening and fixing information about processes in accordance with the developed methodology. Together with process owners and other interested employees / managers, the dissemination of developed ideas / methods / mechanisms (such as the KPI system, a network of control procedures, decomposition of strategic goals) to specific business processes of the bank.
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