Chief Economist, Counterparty Evaluation Department


  • Master’s degree in Economics;
  • work experience in a similar position - analyst of the financial condition of counterparties (individuals and legal entities), work with IFRS;
  • experienced PC user (special programs);
  • confident possession of MS EXCEL, preferably knowledge of the MS Access database, My SQL.
  • Assessment of the financial condition of counterparties (legal entities and individuals):
    • calculation of gross, cleared and cleared of intragroup transactions of revolutions by counterparties (monthly);
    • preparation of information for the credit committee:
      • building the structure of receipts and payments by counterparties / group of counterparties for a period of 6 months. and more;
      • building profitability by counterparty / group of counterparties;
      • loading a counterparty / group of counterparties for active operations;
      • percentage of turnover through Pivdenny Bank and other banks;
      • conclusion on the counterparty - assessment of the financial condition;
      • other information as necessary.
  • Work with the financial statements of the counterparty (legal entity):
    • receipt, verification and introduction of financial statements for the counterparty in ODB ABS “B2”.
  • Normative legal acts of the NBU:
    • monitoring and collecting information on changes in the NBU legislation regarding the assessment of the financial condition of the counterparty.
  • Unit development and interaction with other units:
    • development of processes and business requirements for calculating classes of borrowers (Decision of the NBU 351, reporting PSBU, audited, consolidation / combination);
    • forecasting classes and calculating risk by borrower / group;
    • development of processes and business requirements in the NPL direction (asset impairment test, planning / cost strategy for non-performing assets, reserve / risk forecast).
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