Leading Economist, Active Operations Support Department


  • Master’s degree in Economics;
  • at least 2 years’ experience in servicing the active operations of legal entities in a large system bank.
  • execution, monitoring (control over the fulfillment by borrowers of the terms of active operations agreements, targeted use of loans, timely and full repayment of loans and interest payments on them);
  • monitoring the state of the ODB data (validity periods, interest rates, security) of active operations (loans, guarantees, factoring, financial leasing) to business entities;
  • control over the correct and timely compliance with decisions of the Management Board and Credit Committees (first and second levels), as well as orders related to lending to legal entities (including business entities);
  • checking and controlling the calculation of the insurance reserve for active operations, including factoring, financial leasing, as well as checking the parameters of the contracts of active operations of legal entities for calculating the reserve for active operations.
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