Leading Economist, Currency Customer Service


  • Master’s degree in Economics;
  • at least 3 years of experience in a bank with foreign exchange transactions;
  • knowledge of the current Ukrainian legislation on the implementation of foreign economic activity and settlements in foreign currency, regulatory documents on the analysis of the financial transactions of the client in order to identify indicators of risky financial transactions.
  • servicing operations legal entities in foreign currency (receiving and processing payment orders in foreign currency;
  • pplications for free sale, exchange and purchase of foreign currency, performing operations on the distribution of receipts in foreign currency in favor of customers, performing mandatory sales in accordance with the law);
  • servicing capital and non-trading operations of legal entities (investment operations, cash transactions, etc.);
  • analysis and verification of documents provided by the client for conducting operations in accordance with clause 1 and clause 2 in accordance with currency legislation;
  • analysis and verification of documents on financial transactions (intention to carry out a financial transaction) of customers and their participants, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine in the field of foreign exchange regulation and currency control in order to identify indicators of risky financial transactions;
  • correspondence with other authorized banks and customers on the implementation of currency control of clients import operations;
  • daily reporting on operations of legal entities in foreign currency (form 555, file 70, file s9 and d3);
  • maintaining current affairs of clients;
  • knowledge of the current legislation of Ukraine, regulatory acts of the NBU on issues of currency legislation.
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