Specialist in letters of credit of the department of support of active (documentary) operations


  • University degree;
  • at least 1 year experience with documentary operations;
  • solid theoretical knowledge of documentary operations;
  • knowledge of national regulations governing the documentary operations implementation;
  • knowledge of international documents regulating documentary operations;
  • knowledge of the 7th category of SWIFT;
  • PC knowledge (MS Office, B2, SWIFT Alliance);
  • personal qualities: attentiveness, responsibility, resistance to stress.
  • formation and analysis of a package of documents for issuing a letter of credit;
  • control of authorized body (credit committee) decision execution on the issue of a letter of credit;
  • preparation of contracts /letter of credits texts;
  • issue and support of letter of credits in national currency;
  • monitoring compliance with the letter of credit agreement terms;
  • reflection of the transaction and work with it in the ABS, as well as preparation and submission of orders to other units to account for operations with the letter of credit;
  • preparation and sending of SWIFT messages;
  • verification of documents for a letter of credit payment;
  • work with received letters of credit;
  • work with documentary collection.
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