Senior Economist, Reporting, Analytics and Methodology Department, Counterparty Analysis and Credit Department Operations


  • at least 1 year of experience in the bank in specialization related to the analysis of credit operations, risk management is preferable;
  • experience in maintaining a local database, knowledge of the SQL language, skills in writing queries; knowledge of the terminology of banking operations;
  • knowledge of the current legislative and regulatory framework regarding operations related to lending; knowledge and skills in the field of statistics, mathematical modeling, risk management;
  • basic knowledge of regulatory documents on all operations that are conducted in the bank.
  • development of technical specifications, automation of reports, software testing, mathematical modeling of risk management, maintaining a local database of credit operations;
  • credit income forecast;
  • prompt preparation of various reports and analytical materials on loan and collateral portfolios at the bank management request, the management of the credit department, the bank’s internal audit department, as well as upon requests and in accordance with the requirements of the NBU, external audit (in particular PWC, Inter-audit, Audit- finance), rating agencies Fitch, Moodys, Credit Rating, various international organizations, as well as due diligence inspections.
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