Welsend money transfers

Welsend is a quick, reliable and inexpensive way to transfer money both in and outside Ukraine: to Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Greece and Israel. Transfers can be made in UAH, USD, EUR and RUB.

The Welsend system has 2,500 service points in more than 1,500 cities in the above mentioned countries.

The fee for a Welsend transfer is paid by the sender and the amount depends on the receipt method chosen when making a transfer. Loyal clients can benefit from a loyalty programme ("client’s card") which helps to reduce the fee.

The sender of a transfer must:

  • Visit a branch of Pivdenny Bank.
  • Tell the manager your details (surname, name, address, phone number), the recipient's details (surname, name, country of transfer) and the amount of the transfer.
  • Provide his/her passport.
  • Pay the transfer fees.
  • Advise the recipient of the transfer of the money transfer control number given to the sender by the bank employee.

The recipient of a transfer has to:

  • Visit a branch of Pivdenny Bank.
  • Tell the manager the sender's surname and name, your details, the country of transfer, amount of transfer, and money transfer control number.
  • Provide his/her passport.
  • Upon verification of the above details, the responsible officer pays out the transfer to the recipient.

For detailed information on exchange rates, use this link.

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