Archangels – Uriel

Certificate Case

Archangels – Uriel

Certificate Case
3,500 UAH
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2 dollars




Niue Island


New Zealand Mint

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Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, coloured



The name Uriel means “Light of God”, or “Fire of God”. He is one of the most powerful and influential archangels, and is also considered an angel of presence. It is within his might to portray an unbelievable world, and he is associated with lightning and thunder. Uriel assists in resolving both family and societal conflicts, and in strengthening faith and spiritual perseverance. However, it is not in only spiritual matters that believers pray to Uriel. Many of the faithful turn to him in times of material need. This coin is presented in a transparent acrylic case. The case is held together by magnets, so the coin can be extracted if necessary. The elegant outer box reflects the archangel Uriel's vibrant red colour, which symbolises vitality.

Uriel is an archangel of utmost wisdom who gave people alchemical knowledge. He is called the Archangel of Salvation in Judаeo-Christian books. One can obtain intellectual insight, practical solutions and creative abilities by addressing him through prayer. The answer will come in the form of an insight which prompts a new idea. As an angel of light, he enlightens the minds of men with God's glow, the truth. As an angel of fire, he ignites sincere and fervent faith in the hearts of men and drives out all evil and wicked thoughts.