Trade finance transactions

Pivdenny Bank uses an individual approach for each corporate client. When we review an individual project, we take into account the preferences of our client and propose the products that are best suited to their business development plans. Our team is committed to delivering top-quality services.

Each corporate client of Pivdenny Bank is served by a dedicated account manager who is ready to advise client representatives on any matters pertaining to our services.

Trade finance transactions at Pivdenny Bank:

  • Reliability and an impeccable business reputation.
  • Specialised staff with professional training and years of experience.
  • A flexible and client-oriented approach.
  • Premium quality customer services.

Bank guarantees

An instrument safeguarding that the client (the principal under the guarantee) meets his obligations to the counterparty (beneficiary under the guarantee), whereby the bank assumes the beneficiary's payment obligation in the event of breach of warranty

Letter of credit

Letters of credit are used to ensure that the parties perform their obligations under the contract and increase the company’s working capital (unsecured letter of credit) without having to attract debt financing (in the form of credit)

Documentary collection

A form of settlement between a buyer and seller when the buyer’s bank (representing bank) collects the amount payable by the buyer against respective documents received from the seller’s bank (remitting bank)