Secure services

Pivdenny Bank’s strategic goal is to deliver convenient services and innovative services at the highest level of service quality. To achieve this goal, we are constantly improving the security of all banking transactions to protect our clients’ money. To achieve a maximum degree of reliability, the bank asks its clients to be vigilant when carrying out transactions and adhere to a number of simple security rules.

If you are an individual

  1. Ensure the security of your cards – always keep the details of your card confidential.
  2. Never under any circumstances should you disclose the details of your cards or accounts by phone.
  3. Always be present when your card is used to make payments in shops. If necessary, accompany the salesperson to the terminal to make a payment.
  4. Only make online payments via protected and verified websites.
  5. Before using an ATM, inspect it carefully and do not use it if there are any suspicious devices on the keyboard or near the card receiver.
  6. Activate SMS notification for all transactions to establish control of cash flows on your card accounts and obtain SMS confirmation when making electronic payments.
  7. If you lose your payment card or the card’s data is disclosed to third parties – IMMEDIATELY call the contact centre of the bank and block the card to protect your money.

Card account safety

Do not disclose card data!

Payment card details must be kept confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone, even bank employees. The card’s confidential data are the key to your accounts and money.

Confidential details of the bank card:

  • Card validity period.
  • The three-digit security code on the back of the card (CVV2/CVC2 code).
  • Password that bank sent in SMS notifications.
  • card's PIN code.

Never disclose the following the following personal data over the phone, no matter who the caller is:

  • your PIN code;
  • the expiration date of the card;
  • the three-digit code on the back of the card (CVV2/CVC2-code);
  • passwords sent to you via SMS messages;
  • Your password to the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system;
  • personal ID information, such as the series and number of your passport, "secret word", recent transactions with the card (this information may be requested by contact centre personnel for additional identification; if fraudsters gain access to these details, they may change the limits or deactivate SMS notifications on cash flows on your payment card).

Even if a caller claims to work for the bank and requests these details, never disclose them. The bank has all the information it needs to support your card.

Adhere to the following simple security rules:

  • Never write down PIN codes or passwords on the payment card or paper; do not keep them with the card.
  • Card-based payments in shops, restaurants, cinemas, hotels or elsewhere should always be processed in your presence.
  • If you decline a purchase or decide to return a product, make sure that the salespersons have cancelled the transaction. They are obliged to give you a receipt confirming cancellation of the purchase.
  • Before signing a cheque, make sure that the currency, amount and card number are correct.

You are the only one who needs the card details to make payments and make online purchases.

The password for making online payments sent to you by SMS from the bank is an additional "threshold" of security for cards protected by the 3D Secure system. The bank sends the password to the phone number assigned to your card account. This provides an additional means of protection for your card from fraud.

Security notice

For clients of the bank:

  1. If your payment card is lost/stolen or if you suspect that a third person has gained access to your payment card details (i.e. the expiration date, CVV2/CVC2 code on the back of the card, or card's PIN code), call the contact centre of the bank or visit the nearest branch immediately to block your card;
  2. If an ATM does not dispense cash, but the display shows confirmation of the withdrawal and you receive an SMS notification that the funds have been debited, call the contact centre of the bank immediately (the contact centre phone number is specified on the back of the card and on the ATM);
  3. If you wish to dispute any transactions made with your card, visit a branch to submit an application regarding a disputed transaction. The application will be reviewed according to bank procedure and in compliance with the applicable rules for international payment systems.

Information for persons who are not clients of Pivdenny Bank:

If you suspect that fraud has been committed using the bank’s cards, please report the alleged crime to a law enforcement agency/organisation. Please be aware that a criminal proceeding based on your application is the only existing legal mechanism for the return of money, which were stolen from your account or fraudulently or illegally acquired by a third person.

Note: receipt of an application regarding an alleged fraud from a third person is not grounds for termination of a business relationship with the client. In accordance with art. 1074 of the Civil Code, no restrictions may be imposed on a client's use of the funds in their account, except where such restriction is imposed by way of a court order or in other circumstances established by the law or liens on the funds in the account, or where transactions are suspended due to suspicion that they may be related to the legalisation (laundering) of the proceeds of criminal activity, or the financing of terrorism or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, pursuant to the law.

If you are a legal entity

Pay attention to transaction security when using the "Client Bank" system.

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