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11.05.2021 Changes in Pivdenny Bank mortgage lending terms From 11 May 2021, the updated Pivdenna Mriia mortgage lending programme will come into force at Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank. 30.04.2021 Pivdenny Bank High Reliability Deposit Rating Confirmed Our bank has consistently earned “High Reliability” in the independent deposits rating since 2011, which is additional evidence of its stability and reliability. 27.04.2021 The operating schedule of Pivdenny Bank in the period 30.04.2021 – 11.05.2021 For attention of our clients 26.04.2021 From 5 May, new depositary service tariffs for individuals and legal entities In addition, tariffs for depositary services for individuals and legal entities will be updated with the “Ensuring the shareholders’ participation in remote general meetings” service. It will be charged as agreed by the parties. 26.04.2021 From 1 May, new tariffs for customers with salary cards Activation or change of the current tariff plan for employees of for-profit institutions to the “Basic” tariff will be carried out solely at the discretion of the employer. 23.04.2021 Pivdenny Bank among critical infrastructure elements This list was first determined by the National Bank within the framework of the Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles of Cyber Security of Ukraine”. It included the NBU and 13 systemically important banks. 23.04.2021 Pivdenny Bank authorised capital increased by UAH 222 million In addition, UAH 20 million were allocated to the reserve fund. As a result, the bank’s fixed capital will be increased by UAH 242 million (11 %) due to the distribution of profits. 26.03.2021 Pivdenny Bank’s credit rating and deposit reliability rating confirmed The long-term credit rating was confirmed according to the uaAA National Rating Scale with a stable forecast. The deposit reliability rating was confirmed at the 4+ level (high reliability). 23.03.2021 Pivdenny Bank will amend the Agreement on Complex Banking Services for Individual Customers From 22 April 2021, the Agreement on Complex Banking Services for Individual Customers at Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank will be amended. 23.03.2021 From 21 April, the bank will change the tariffs for personal banking services Changes have been made to the bank tariffs for personal banking services provided under the Integrated Banking Services Agreement (IBSA), as well as to the tariffs provided beyond the scope of the IBSA. 23.03.2021 Requests submitted to the Pivdenny Bank chatbot increase by 58 % One out of every three clients who needs remote support from Pivdenny Bank contacts the Pivdenny Bank chatbot. 22.03.2021 Two Pivdenny Bank branches in Odessa will change tariffs for safe deposit box rental From 22 April 2021, two branches of Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank in Odessa will introduce an additional fee for accessing a safe deposit box more than ten times a month. 10.03.2021 “Profitable” and “Premium” Deposits will become more attractive In these deposit models, interest rates were increased by 0.25 % (for 6- or 9-month term deposits) and by 0.5 % (for 13-month term deposits). 05.03.2021 Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank recognised as a systemically important bank for the third time This is proved by the updated list of systemically important banks published by the NBU. 04.03.2021 Pivdenny Bank joined the NBU’s Consumer Rights Awareness Campaign The purpose of the all-Ukrainian Consumer Rights Awareness campaign is to raise public awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities when using financial services.

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