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23.11.2020 A new instrument for business: hedging interest rate risks in lending pegged to the discount rate The essence of the transaction is that the client fixes the value of conditionally attracted resources in the bank. All settlements between the bank and the client are based on a comparison of the fixed rate and the interbank lending index 17.11.2020 Money is not an issue. Family budget: the one who spends does not accumulate How to learn to manage costs, what is the optimal amount to spend on savings each month and how to maintain a balance between "spend" and "accumulate" 13.11.2020 Pivdenny Bank expert indicates what to expect from the hryvnia within the next two weeks According to the expert, the dollar may show an upward correction after 20 November 12.11.2020 Changes in point accumulation in the Mastercard Rewards Programme as of 11 December For Mastercard World and Standard cards, 1 point will be awarded for every UAH 20 spent. 11.11.2020 The Client-Bank iFOBS system now enables use of an electronic signature regardless of the key medium This update will allow all bank clients to work with electronic documents with an electronic digital signature, regardless of the media on which they have encrypted a qualified electronic signature key. 06.11.2020 Pivdenny Bank increased its net profit compared to last year According to the NBU, as of 1 October 2020, Pivdenny Bank ranks 11th among 74 solvent banks in terms of assets. 03.11.2020 On 4 November, the Automated Payment System of the Deposit Guarantee Fund will be unavailable after 5:00 pm If you plan to receive a payment on this day, please do so by 5:00 p.m. 03.11.2020 “Money is not an issue”: Time management in the language of finance. How not to borrow against health and family? How can you balance between your personal interests and professional investments, a discussion with the Director of the Valuation and Mortgage Operations at Pivdenny Bank, Vitaly Gagauz, in the sixth episode of the podcast “Money is not an issue.” 27.10.2020 “Money is not an issue”. Pseudo-elite housing, home rental and demand for warehouse spaces. 10 real estate market trends Why has the cost of renting detached homes increased during the pandemic, which property is more profitable to buy – primary or secondary, how to avoid pseudo-elite housing? 20.10.2020 “Money is not an issue.” Episode No. 4: How to hedge exchange rate risks and what is an interest rate swap? How do we fix the exchange rate for the future, what is an interest rate swap and what questions did our expert answer from members of the CFO Club – watch the fourth episode of the podcast “Money is not an issue”. 20.10.2020 Pivdenny Bank becomes a partner of the XIX Ukrainian CFO Forum Traditionally, the topics covered during the event include the future of finance, business transformation, operating efficiency, fund raising and ground-breaking innovations. 16.10.2020 New tariffs for securities transactions as of 16 November From 16 November 2020, new terms of service for private clients provided outside the integrated banking service agreement, in particular tariffs for securities transactions, will enter into force at Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank. 12.10.2020 Pivdenny Bank increases its authorised capital by UAH 186 million Due to the distribution of profits, the bank’s authorised capital was increased by 11.4 %. 09.10.2020 Pivdenny Bank Operating Schedule from 13/10/2020 – 15/10/2020 Pivdenny Bank Operating Schedule from 13/10/2020 – 15/10/2020 06.10.2020 “Money is not an issue.” Episode No. 3: How can I get a refund for tickets or other services? What can you do in this situation and what support can you get from your bank? We will cover these issues in the third episode of the podcast “Money is not an issue”. 05.10.2020 New terms of the “Private in metal” package as of 5 November From 5 November 2020, updated tariffs for servicing current accounts of private clients, in particular for the “Private in metal” package, will enter into force at Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank. 01.10.2020 Information on amended tariffs for servicing payments cards and annual interest rates on Mobile Deposits for private clients as of 1 November As of 1 November 2020, the amended tariffs for servicing current accounts using payment cards will come into effect for private clients of Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank, especially regarding charges for disputed transactions. 29.09.2020 “Money is not an issue”. Episode No. 2. Do not carry a wallet – take a token. Olga Kolomiets, an expert at Pivdenny Bank, talks about how payments with a phone or smartwatch work and what you need to know to secure your money. Watch the second episode of the podcast “Money is not an issue”.

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