Pivdenny Bank offers card tariff plans designed for various clients customised to their daily needs and financial capabilities.

  • Convenience

    Pivdenny Bank’s payment cards are accepted by millions of terminal/POS around the globe. Using a card issued by Pivdenny Bank also allows you to receive cash in a local currency at any time of day or night.

  • Innovations

    We are regularly monitoring new technologies so that we and our clients can keep up with the times. Contactless payments, mobile applications, mobile banking — we have already implemented all of these innovations!

  • Service

    We enjoy speaking with clients in person to resolve any problems quickly.

  • Security

    Pivdenny Bank closely monitors technological developments also to protect client money from fraud: 24-hour monitoring of card transactions and message notifications to the client’s mobile phone.


Benefits-Банк Пивденный

How do I obtain a card?

For individuals

Cards to meet personal needs

World Elite Mastercard

Elite service and unique privileges at any time in any corner of the world for the most demanding clients.

Visa Signature

The world is not enough. Visa Signature is for those who do not imagine a life without traveling and premium level comfort.

Cards for recipients of payments

We care about our clients.

Salary cards

Much more than just a means to receive your salary via ATM!

IT card

Receipt of salaries and banking services to ІТ specialists.

Sailor’s card

We offer many years of experience in providing complex services to marine enterprises.

Specialised cards

– "Dreams” credit card: Let your dreams come true!
– Children's card: Give your child lessons in financial literacy!

Maintain the security of your cards — always keep the details of your card confidential

✓ Never disclose the following data (no matter who or for what purpose) over the phone:

  • your PIN-code;
  • the validity of the card;
  • the three-digit code on the reverse side of the card (CVV2/CVC2-code);
  • passwords sent to you via SMS messages;
  • your password for the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system.

Even if the other person claims to be calling from the bank and asks to clarify these details, never disclose them. The bank has all the information it needs to support your card.

✓ Never write down PIN codes or passwords on the payment card or paper carriers, never keep them with the card.

✓ Card-based payments in shops, restaurants, cinemas, hotels or elsewhere should always be processed in your presence.

✓ If you decline a purchase or decide to return a product, make sure that the sales staff has cancelled the transaction. They are obliged to give you a receipt confirming cancellation of the purchase.

✓ When making purchases online, use only protected or reliable and verified sites. Never enter your PIN code when making a purchase online!

Guarantees-Банк Пивденный
Pivdenny Bank’s 25+ year experience of operations on the financial market, the high level of professionalism demonstrated by all our staff, and our permanent membership in the Deposits Guarantee Fund since 1999 are the three pillars of confidence of our depositors.


Pivdenny Online

Try our new mobile app. It’s easy to make transfers, buy currency, replenish mobile phones and manage finances!

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Pivdenny Online-Банк Пивденный

The Client has the right to withdraw from a particular Application Service Provision Agreement (if required by applicable legislation of Ukraine) and terminate this Agreement and close accounts on the basis of a written application (except when early closure/refusal/termination of the agreement is prohibited by law), provided that there are no outstanding debts or valid Application-Agreements/Agreements at the Bank, and all PCs have been returned at the request of the Bank, including those issued to the Client's proxies. This Agreement is considered terminated on the day of account closure and full fulfilment of obligations under this Agreement.

Potential risks for the client in using payment cards

When registering and servicing current accounts using electronic means of payment – payment cards, payment transactions with cards for debiting or crediting funds, there may be fees, both imposed by the issuing bank of the card and other banks, including costs, related to the tariffs of other banking institutions of Ukraine. Read more about Pivdenny Bank Tariffs here

In the case of non-fulfilment by the client of obligations under the Individual Complex Banking Service Agreement and/or its appendices, payments on the card (block) may be suspended and/or declared invalid until these violations are eliminated. Early fulfilment of debt obligations in whole or in part as determined by the bank, including contractual write-off of amounts in repayment of debt at the expense of funds on other accounts of the client may be demanded, and information concerning this debt or negative credit history may be provided to the credit bureau/Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine, which may be taken into account by the bank when making a decision on granting a loan in the future, or applying to courts in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Read more

Risk of scams associated with unauthorised use of the card or client data. Read more

Risks associated with dangerous card payments on the internet. Read more

Risks associated with non-compliance with the rules of ATM use. Read more

The bank is not allowed to require customers to purchase any goods or services from the bank or its affiliates or partners as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the banking package).

The bank has no right to unilaterally make changes to agreements concluded with customers, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30.