Information on the functioning of the Individual Deposit Guarantee System

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Information on the terms and conditions of deposit guarantees
What is not covered by the deposit guarantee fund
Law of Ukraine "On the Individual Deposit Guarantee"
Funds guaranteed by the Fund

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Individual Deposit Guarantee System", Pivdenny Bank is a member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine.

The Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund of Ukraine is a specialised state institution whose primary mission is to guarantee individual deposits.

The fund guarantees each depositor the possibility to recover deposited funds. The fund reimburses the amount of the deposit plus interest as of the date of commencement of dissolution of a bank subsequent to bankruptcy, which, however, may not exceed the maximum recoverable amount established on the above date irrespective of the number of deposits in the same bank. The maximum amount subject to coverage by the guarantee may not be less than UAH 200,000 (unless another amount is established by Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Individual Deposit Guarantee System”, as specified on the fund’s official website).  The Fund’s Administrative Council is not authorised to take resolutions on reduction of the maximum amount of deposit recovery.

In addition, the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund has prepared and published the following information booklets: "Individual Deposit Guarantee System" and "Questions and answers concerning individual deposit guarantees".

The purpose of these booklets is to raise public awareness of issues pertaining to guarantees for bank deposits to improve depositor confidence in banks and facilitate the attraction of deposits into Ukraine’s banking system.

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