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How to use chatbot?

  • Fast

    Just scan the QR code or follow the link

  • Easily

    Select the “start chat” button to initiate a chat and resolve your issue independently

  • Safely

    Missing automatic features? Use the operator support in the chat

What can you do by yourself?

The following operations can be performed with the help of an automated chat bot:

  • instantly block a payment card;
  • verify a card, account;
  • verify credit card information:
    • the mandatory minimum payment amount;
    • the debt amount during the grace period;
    • the total debt amount;
  • instantly perform card-to-card transfers;
  • order a payment card;
  • find the nearest ATM/bank branch;
  • order cash at the branch;
  • find out the exchange rates (NBU rate, metal rate, bank exchange rate, rate for regular customers);
  • get information about banking products: deposits, bank safes, coins, payment cards.

You can contact the chat operator to resolve any other issues.

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