Pivdenny Bank offers a number of credit programmes to companies: to finance current activities, investment in business development, including refinancing of existing investment costs, purchase of equipment, special equipment, vehicles and special programmes for agricultural industry.

The bank offers an individual approach to each project and considers each customer's needs and requirements.


Additional working funds for urgent payments.

Loans for the purchase of fixed asset

Financing property and equipment purchases

Loan to fund day-to-day operating activity

Extra funds to support and develop business activity.

Investment loan

Project financing.

Treasury credit line

Renewable credit line with a flexible interest rate.

Treasury overdraft

Additional funds with periodic rate changes.

Loans for agricultural producers

Special conditions for agriculture businesses.

Loans secured with a deposit

Lending against the rights on deposit account funds.

Financing against VAT compensation

Financing is provided after approval of the amount of the refund by the SFS through the moment of actual crediting (by the treasury) of the underlying funds to the current account of the client in Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank.

Bill avalisation

Bank issued surety bonds.


Receivables financing.

Credit Line with a Floating Interest Rate

Financing in the form of a revolving credit line with a floating interest rate

5-7-9 % Loans

The program provides for simplification of access of enterprises to bank lending - namely, the opportunity to receive a loan at a reduced interest rate through state compensation of interest rates to the level of 5%, 7% and 9% per annum for loans in national currency.