Renewable credit line with a flexible interest rate

Treasury credit line for SME

To provide companies with additional working capital by setting an individual interest rate for each tranche.

Advantages of the loan:

  • Opportunity to provide an unlimited number of tranches

    with different durations.

  • Opportunity to extend the term

    of the tranche.

  • Free early repayment

    of the tranche.

  • The rate is determined for each tranche separately

    and depends on the life-time of the tranche.

Principal terms and conditions:
Loan duration

of up to 12 months with the opportunity of prolongation

The term of each tranche

From 4 to 90 days. No tranche can have a duration past the termination date of the loan agreement

Loan currency


Interest rate

is determined individually

The loan amount

as set out in the loan agreement

How do I apply for my loan?

  • Visit any branch of Pivdenny Bank

    or contact the SME project manager.

  • Provide

    all required documents.

  • After analysing the loan application and valuation of the collateral,

    the bank makes a decision on the feasibility of the loan.

  • After approval,

    sign all the required agreements.

  • Receive

    credit funds on the current account.


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