IT specialist card

Payroll and banking services for ІТ specialists.

IT specialist card

Payment cards for IT specialists are a special offer from Pivdenny Bank that allows simplification and improvement of salary receipt for IT specialists.

"Prestige" package for IT-specialists-Банк Пивденный"Prestige" package for IT-specialists-Банк Пивденный
"Prestige" package for IT-specialists
A premium package for senior developers.

IT specialists get services on the terms and conditions envisaged by the "Status" or "Prestige" packages. Choose a package of products and services depending on the desired service level of the payment card:

  • “Status" package for IT specialists — the package provides Gold cards which offer the best opportunities and comfort. Gold cardholders are entitled to VIP client services. Developer-level package.
  • “Prestige” package for IT specialists — a premium package for senior developers. Designed for clients who prefer special priority services.

How do I get a card?

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.