Client Bank remote system

The “iFOBS Client Bank” of Pivdenny Bank is a modern software system which allows clients to carry out banking transactions quickly and safely from anywhere.
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Client Bank remote system-Банк Пивденный

Advantages of the Client Bank system

  1. Integrated remote banking service — you don’t have to visit a branch to make payments — simply create a payment document in the system.
  2. The “iFOBS Client Bank” supports a full range of banking documents and meets all requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine.
  3. Reducing the likelihood of operating errors — there is no need to manually fill out payment orders, which helps to avoid errors.
  4. Savings — the fees to make payments through the “iFOBS Client Bank” system are lower than paper-based payments.
  5. Guaranteed security level — high data protection again unauthorised access using certified cryptographic tools.
  6. Opportunity to make payments from anywhere in the world, even outside the bank's operating hours, provided that you activated the “Payments around the clock” service.

Functionality of the system:

  1. Working with documents (payment orders) in the national currency
  2. Working with documents (payment orders) in foreign currency (payment orders in foreign currency, applications for the purchase/sale/conversion of foreign currency).
  3. Loan agreements supervision.
  4. Supervision and operations on deposit agreements.
  5. Preparation and sending of payroll information.
  6. Working with corporate cards.
  7. Preparation of account statements.


For more information on the web interface of the system click here (functionality may differ from the demo version).

Demo version

iFobs rates
Connecting to iFobs
Included in the cost of maintaining an account
Monthly subscription
UAH 150

How to connect?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Sign the agreement

    for service with the “Client Bank” system.

  • Get a login

    and start-up certificates for logging onto the "Client Bank" system.

  • Generate keys

    in the "Client Bank" system and send the bank a request for key certification.


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