“Limits and authorisation” service

An effective payment control and protection tool.

A very useful capability:

  • Companies with separate treasury departments, when there is a need to manage the flow of funds by operating departments.
  • Any company that wants to build a system of multi-level reconciliation of expenses based on amounts.
  • Managers and owners who want to create a credible barrier to prevent unauthorised transactions.

Main advantages:

  • Setting varied limits – by type of document; based on the amount of the next payment; based on the amount of payments per day; based on the amount of the next payment per correspondent; based on the amount of payments per day per correspondent.
  • Setting signature levels within fixed limits (third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-level signatures).
  • The opportunity to build a limit structure for each subsidiary unit.
  • You yourself can manage the settings in this service online (accounts, limits, signature levels, etc.).

To use this service, contact a bank branch.

The service is only available with the use of Win-client.

Connection of the user to the service (granting of access rights to the service “Limits and authorisation”; “third signature, fourth signature, fifth signature, sixth signature”)
UAH 50
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