A deposit in Pivdenny Bank means an individual approach to each client, attractive interest rates and earning guaranteed income. We offer convenient and reliable options to preserve and increase your private capital, which meet all your needs. Use your savings in the most efficient way.

Advantages of deposits with Pivdenny Bank:

  • Scale

    A wide range of deposit forms.

  • Attractive bonuses

    A payment card as a gift.

  • Guarantee

    Guaranteed return on deposits.

  • Protection

    Deposits with Pivdenny Bank are protected through the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Deposit calculator

This tool help you select a deposit that best suits your needs and requirements and shows your total earnings.

Deposit amount


13 month

Payments on deposit
During this period, I will accumulate:
1,655 UAH
Deposit amount: 10,000 UAH
Term: 13 month
Interest rate: null -
Best choice: -
You will obtain: 1,655 UAH

These estimates of deposit income are tentative only (and are specified gross of taxes payable)

“Make a Wish” Deposit

We know what you’ve been wishing for! This new deposit from Pivdenny Bank will allow you to profitably place funds for 3 months at a rate of up to 18 % per annum with the possibility of a monthly interest payment.

“Profitable plus” deposit

Save and get the benefits
– deposit increase — within the first 7 calendar days;
– interest rate — up to 15,5 %;
– duration of deposit — from 1 month.

“Savings plus” deposit

It is possible to earn income even with a small amount
– minimum deposit amount — UAH 100/USD 10/EUR 10;
– interest rate — up to 14,5 %/2,25 %/0,75 %;
– duration of the deposit – during the whole term of validity of the agreement.

“Comfort” deposit

The interest rate will be increased every three months, if the agreement is renewed
– deposit term — 3 months (period) with three automatic prolongations allowed;
– ability to withdraw the deposit at maturity;
– deposit increase — within the first 7 calendar days of each new period.

“Pension” Deposit

UAH deposit with attractive conditions for pensioners
– interest rate — up to 15.75 %;
– interest payment – monthly;
– minimum deposit amount — UAH 100.

“Marine” deposit

Foreign currency deposit for sailors and their family
– minimum deposit amount — 10 USD/10 EUR;
– deposit increase – during the whole term of validity of the agreement;
– remote increase via Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system.

“For the future” deposit

Financing for your child’s future
– for children under 18 years;
– you and your relatives can increase the deposit whenever it suits you;
– interest rate — up to 15 %.

“Deposit certificate”

Currency deposit with issuance of registered term savings (deposit) certificate
– guaranteed withdrawal of 100% of the principal and interest in the currency of the certificate without limitations;
– a multilevel system of security protection;
– for residents and non-residents.

“Mobile deposit”

Demand deposit offering the best opportunities for your money
– replenish and withdraw funds without losing interest;
– replenishment — without limitations;
– interest payment – monthly.

Deposit “On demand”

Demand deposit with the option of partial withdrawal of the deposit amount
– free access to your money and the opportunity to partially reduce the deposit amount;
– replenishment — without limitations;
– interest payment – monthly.

“Pledge” deposit

A deposit to secure a loan
– makes it possible for a legal entity or a self-employed person to obtain a loan;
– duration — from 1 to 450 days;
– early termination without penalties.

Deposits online

Open "Profitable plus" and "Savings plus" deposits online and enjoy bonuses on top of the base rate.

Premium deposit

Deposit premium amounts and enjoy premium interest rates – up to 17.25% in UAH, up to 4.25% in USD and up to 2.5% in EUR; – minimum deposit amount – from UAH 500,000/USD 20,000/EUR 20,000; – interest can be paid monthly or at maturity.

How do I apply?

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Pivdenny MyBank

    If you are a Pivdenny MyBank system user, complete the authorisation procedure and order services automatically.

Guarantees-Банк Пивденный
Pivdenny Bank’s 25+ year experience of operations on the financial market, the high level of professionalism demonstrated by all our staff, and our permanent membership in the Deposits Guarantee Fund since 1999 are the three pillars of confidence of our depositors.