A deposit in Pivdenny Bank means an individual approach to each client, attractive interest rates and earning guaranteed income.

Advantages of deposits with Pivdenny Bank:

  • Attractive bonuses

    A payment card as a gift.

  • Guarantee

    Guaranteed return on deposits.

  • Protection

    Deposits with Pivdenny Bank are protected through the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Deposit income calculation

This tool will help you select the terms and conditions that best suit your preferences and to review the amount of savings.



3 month

During this period, I will accumulate:
224 UAH
Amount: 10,000 UAH
Period: 3 month
Interest rate: null -
You will obtain: 224 UAH

These indications of interest earned are tentative only (and are gross of payable taxes). 

“Profitable plus” deposit

Save your money profitably!
- maximum interest rate on the deposit
- deposit term – from 3 month

“Mobile deposit”

Demand deposit offering the best opportunities for your money
– replenish and withdraw funds without losing interest;
– replenishment – without limitations;
– interest payment – monthly.

“Pledge” deposit

A deposit to secure a loan
– makes it possible for a legal entity or a self-employed person to obtain a loan;
– duration — from 1 to 450 days;
– early termination without penalties.
Guarantees-Банк Пивденный
Pivdenny Bank’s 25+ year experience of operations on the financial market, the high level of professionalism demonstrated by all our staff, and our permanent membership in the Deposits Guarantee Fund since 1999 are the three pillars of confidence of our depositors.


Potential risks for the client in using deposits/current accounts of individuals

Increase in the amount of personal income tax and military tax on income received from deposit operations.

Assigning a banking institution to the category of insolvent banks pursuant to the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine. Reimbursement of funds to the client by the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund in the amount of the deposit, including interest, as of the day of the beginning of the withdrawal procedure by the bank's fund from the market, but not more than UAH 200,000. Deposits in foreign currency shall be reimbursed in the national currency of Ukraine, recalculated at the official exchange rate of UAH to foreign currencies set by the National Bank of Ukraine as of the day of beginning of the withdrawal procedure of the bank's fund from the market.

In case of untimely application of the client to the bank for the return of funds attracted under the bank deposit agreement(deposit), the amount of the deposit with accrued interest will be paid to the account specified in the deposit agreement, unless otherwise provided by the agreement.

The bank is not allowed to require customers to purchase any goods or services from the bank or its affiliates or partners as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the banking package).

The bank has no right to unilaterally make changes to agreements concluded with customers, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30.