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Pivdenny MyBank - Manage your finances, make payments and control your expenses from anywhere and at any time 24/7!

Pivdenny MyBank internet banking-Банк Пивденный

Pivdenny MyBank allows you to:

  • review and manage current, card, deposit and credit accounts;
  • prepare statements on accounts;
  • check actual balances on payment cards;
  • make transactions on your accounts: transfers between your accounts, both within the bank system and in Ukraine;
  • open deposits online;
  • use the "Bill Payment" service: pay bills for mobile telephone, Internet, TV, utility bills and others;
  • create and make use of payment templates, use the payments duplication option;
  • perform recurring payments;
  • carry out instant card-to-card transfers;
  • block a card;
  • establish and change limits on card payments;
  • move funds from the principal account to the savings account and vice versa;
  • review news from the bank;
  • review foreign exchange rates;
  • search for the nearest branch or ATM;
  • exchange secured messages with the bank and make use of many other options;

How to pay for utilities with Pivdenny MyBank

“What’s new?"

  • 04.2020 – PIN setup for payment cards;
  • 03.2019 – Apple Pay for Mastercard cards;
  • 01.2019 – Fees for payments made within the "Bills payment” service: utility bills – free of charge;
  • 12.2018 – Apple Pay for Visa payment cards;
  • 10.2018 — release of new design of Pivdenny MyBank for both internet banking and the app; the option of independent registration in the mobile app based on payment card requirements; in the “Cards” section in card details you may check the current tariff plan for your card, and review the effective tariffs;
  • 08.2018 – within the "Bill Payment” section, the bank significantly extended the range of payment services, including the option to pay utility fees in Ukraine;
  • 03.2018 – in the section "Bill Payment", the bank provided the option of payment for utility services in Kiev (HERZ).
  • 11.2017 — new services concerning "Bill Payment": replenishment of mobile phone account balance, payment of services for access to the internet, payment for cable TV, payment of utility and other bills – within 1 minute! The commission for service payments will not be applied until the end of 2017!
  • 07.2017 — from now on, you can independently set and change limits for each payment card in terms of the amount and number of cash withdrawal transactions, trade transactions, as well as total limits on transactions.
  • 05.2017 — limits in the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system have changed, specifically:
    • the maximum amount for one transfer was increased to UAH 50,000 (the previous limit was UAH 15,000);
    • the maximum amount of transfers per day was increased to UAH 150,000 (the previous limit was UAH 45,000).

All other limits have been cancelled within the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system.

How do I connect to Pivdenny MyBank?

  • Order online

    Submit your application and our manager will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.


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