Pivdenny MyBank internet banking

Manage your finances, make payments and control your expenses from anywhere and at any time 24/7!

  • review and manage current, card, deposit and credit accounts;
  • prepare statements on accounts;
  • check actual balances on payment cards;
  • make transactions on your accounts: transfers between your accounts, both within the bank system and in Ukraine;
  • open deposits online;
  • use the "Bill Payment" service: pay bills for mobile telephone, Internet, TV, utility bills and others;
  • create and make use of payment templates, use the payments duplication option;
  • submission of remote applications for orders of products and services within the service "Order of services" in the web version of Pivdenny MyBank;
  • perform recurring payments;
  • block a card;
  • establish and change limits on card payments;
  • review news from the bank;
  • review foreign exchange rates and currency exchange online;
  • search for the nearest branch or ATM;
  • Adding a remote Visa or Mastercard card to your Apple Pay wallet directly in the Pivdenny MyBank mobile application, as you do not need to know the full card number or CVV;
  • exchange secured messages with the bank and make use of many other options;

How to use

The service of selling and buying currency is available in the web version and the mobile application "Pivdenny MyBank".

Euros and US dollars are available for exchange. The transaction requires current or card accounts in the appropriate currencies. The exchange rate may be more favorable than at the bank. Additional commissions for the operation are not set. There are no restrictions on the maximum amount of the transaction. Currency exchange transactions are available daily online 24/7.

How do I connect to Pivdenny MyBank?


Potential risks in using Pivdenny MyBank

Pivdenny MyBank Internet banking is a convenient and secure way to remotely manage your own funds, pay bills and services, 24/7. However, ignoring or not complying with the rules of secure use can lead to negative consequences, such as the loss of access and control over the user's account, which in turn can lead to financial losses for the client and disclosure of confidential account information and cash balances.

Therefore, we urge you to read and follow the safety rules.

We also want to point out that the use of the service is free, but certain payments and services are charged. Therefore, to avoid unforeseen costs, please read the service tariffs in Pivdenny MyBank. Read more

The bank is not allowed to require customers to purchase any goods or services from the bank or its affiliates or partners as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the banking package).

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30.

The Client has the right to withdraw from a particular Application Service Provision Agreement (if required by applicable legislation of Ukraine) and terminate this Agreement and close accounts on the basis of a written application (except when early closure/refusal/termination of the agreement is prohibited by law), provided that there are no outstanding debts or valid Application-Agreements/Agreements at the Bank, and all PCs have been returned at the request of the Bank, including those issued to the Client's proxies. This Agreement is considered terminated on the day of account closure and full fulfilment of obligations under this Agreement.

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