Pivdenny Bank is taking the documents offering unsecured loans (in cash or in the form of a credit limit on a payment card) for consumer purposes, as well as loans secured by real estate, cars, and other loans for consumers.

Advantages of loans from Pivdenny Bank:

  • Attractive bonuses

    A payment card as a gift.

  • Scope

    A wide range of credit programs.

Loan Calculator

This tool will help you calculate your loan details and view the instalments payable according to the conditions that best suit your preferences


Loan amount

Loan duration

12 month

Type of repayment
My monthly instalment will be:
131 UAH
Loan amount:
1,000 UAH
One-time commission fee:
Credit type:
Cash loan
Monthly payment:
131 UAH

Repayment of the principal starts from the second month of the loan life. Calculation results are approximations and for information purposes only. The calculated amount represents the maximum possible amount payable on the loan.

“Dreams” credit card

Let your dreams come true!

— up to 55 days of grace period for cashless card-based settlements for only 0.01 % per year;
— premium card with a built-in chip and contactless technology;
— revolving credit line;
— minimum package of documents required for the application.

Cash loan

Stress-free funds to meet personal needs

— up to UAH 200,000;
— loan duration — up to 60 months;
— fixed interest rate — 20 % per year;
— without collateral.

Mortgage loans

Mortgage loans for a term up to 20 years

— loan duration up to 20 years;
— opportunity to obtain a loan without a down payment;
— up to 70% of the market value of the mortgaged property;
— option to set an individual loan repayment schedule.

Consumer loan secured by real estate

Money to make your dreams come true

— get up to 70 % of the market value of the mortgaged property;
— for a term of up to 7 years;
— opportunity to obtain a loan without a down payment;
— option to set an individual repayment schedule.

Car loans

Drive away in a new car today!

— we grant loans of up to 80 % of the car’s market value;
— opportunity to obtain a loan without a down payment;
— loan period — up to 7 years;
— without additional life insurance costs for you.

Loans secured with a deposit

Up to 80 % of the banking deposit amount at an attractive interest rate

— cash for any purposes before maturity of the deposit;
— fixed interest rate;
— repayment of the principal at the end of the loan agreement;
— minimum package of documents.

Loans to sailors

Loan without collateral and without a down payment before setting out on your voyage

— up to UAH 200,000;
— down payment — 0 %;
— in cash or in cashless form, without extra costs;
— repayment of the principal starts from the 3rd month of use of the loan.

Loan for refinancing purposes

Reduce your loan repayment costs

— reduction of loan servicing costs in other Ukrainian banks;
— loan amount — up to 70 % of the value of the mortgaged property, with a loan term of 20 years;
— opportunity to obtain a loan without a down payment;
— fixed interest rate.

How do I apply for a loan?

How do I repay my loan?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Pivdenny MyBank

    If you are a Pivdenny MyBank system user, complete the authorisation procedure and order services automatically.