Convenient and secure with Pivdenny Bank

Utilities and other payments

Pay utility and other bills quickly and securely at bank branch cash desks, via the Platon self-service terminals or remotely via the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system.

The most popular payments:

  • housing expenses and utility bills;
  • mobile and fixed line telephone bills, long-distance and international calls;
  • Internet bills;
  • Purchases in supermarkets/shops;
  • Place funds on a card in another bank;
  • School and tuition fees;
  • payment of kindergarten;
  • payment of tickets imposed by police;
  • other payments in favour of institutions, organisations and other legal entities.

Advantages of payments via cash desks of the bank:

  • fast service;
  • high professionalism of personnel.

Advantages of payments via Platon self-service terminals:

  • no need to stand in line;
  • fast processing;
  • lower commission than at the cash desk.

Advantages of payments via the Pivdenny MyBank internet banking system:

  • pay a bill anywhere anytime without visiting the bank;
  • the recipient gets his money fast;
  • the lowest commission.

What is the transfer procedure?

  • Visit a branch

    Select a branch and visit it at your convenience.

  • Pivdenny MyBank

    If you are a Pivdenny MyBank system user, complete the authorisation procedure and order services automatically.

The bank is not allowed to require customers to purchase any goods or services from the bank or its affiliates or partners as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the banking package).

You may refuse to receive promotional materials by calling the Customer Support Centre (free of charge in Ukraine) at 0 800 30 70 30.