Financial flows management

Simple and convenient set-up of automatic payment rules between your accounts.

A very useful capability:

  • Companies in any industry that want to manage account balances, maximise the automation of this process and eliminate routine accounting transactions.
  • For large corporations with separate treasury departments that want to control and redistribute balances between accounts.


  • Setting up simple rules to monitor your UAH accounts and payment instructions (6 rules are possible).
  • Specify a schedule (periodicity) to perform instructions.
  • Flexible management of customised options (activating, deactivating, making changes).
Consolidation of funds from several accounts on the master account
automatic collection of balances from the accounts of business units on the account of the principal office of the company
Controlling the maximum balance on the account
Controlling the balance of a specific account. If the balance goes above this – carrying out a transfer of the surplus to another account
Transferring a predefined percentage of the balance of the account under control
Transferring a predefined percentage of the balance to another account subject to fulfilment of the conditions declared by the client
Transferring a defined part of the balance of the account under control
Transferring a certain amount to another account with a given periodicity
Transferring a percentage of proceeds from operations to the account
Transferring to another account a certain percentage of proceeds from operations credited to the specified account
Monthly subscription (regardless of the number of established rules and accounts under control)
UAH 75

To activate the service, contact a bank branch.

The service is only available when using iFOBS win-client.

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