Business loans to purchase equipment

Loans for agricultural producers SME

For companies and individual entrepreneurs working in agriculture.

Advantages of the programme:

  • The possibility of early repayment

    at any stage of the loan.

  • No

    hidden fees.

  • A very convenient repayment schedule

    taking into account the seasonality of your business.

  • Attractive

    interest rates.

Pivdenny Bank offers loans under the following programmes:

  • “Agricultural machinery on credit (new and used)” — for the purchase of self-propelled and hinged agricultural machinery by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (sellers) against the collateral of fixed assets acquired for the purpose of its further use in your commercial activities.
  • “Loan to augment working capital (to perform autumn and spring field-work)” — for financing day-to-day activities against fixed assets as collateral.
  • “Guaranteed settlements (for the supply of PMM, CBS, fertilisers, seeds)” — a credit line, bank guarantee, bills of exchange for financing of current activity on the collateral of fixed assets.
Principal terms and conditions:
Loan duration

Agricultural machinery on credit (new and used) — up to 60 months

Working capital loan (performance of autumn and spring field works) — up to 12 months

Loan currency


Interest rate

is determined individually

Additional costs

valuation of collateral, its registration and insurance (depending on the type and value of collateral)

Terms of repayment

— payment of interest — on a monthly basis;

— commission on a bank guarantee/bills of exchange — monthly;

— repayment of principal:

— annuity loan — payable in equal monthly instalments;

— standard loan product — payable according to the agreed repayment schedule

To obtain a loan:

  • Visit any branch of Pivdenny Bank

    or contact the SME project manager.

  • Provide

    all required documents.

  • After analysing the loan application and valuation of the collateral,

    the bank makes a decision on the feasibility of the loan.

  • After approval,

    sign all the required agreements.

  • Receive

    credit funds on the current account.


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