Additional funds for business growth

Loan to fund day-to-day operating activity for SME

For companies to finance working capital to streamline and stabilise cash flows.

Advantages of the loan:

  • The possibility of early repayment

    at any stage of the loan.

  • No

    hidden fees.

  • Fixed financing limit

    during the life-time of the loan, irrespective of the amount of income on the accounts in the bank (if the schedule for the limit decrease is set, it will be taken into account).

  • Possibility for a multi-currency limit

    to save costs related to the purchase of foreign currency (in case of import transactions).

  • A renewable credit line

    will allow to obtain the credit funds when needed.

Principal terms and conditions:
Loan duration

up to 36 months

Interest rate

is determined individually

Terms of repayment

— payment of interest — on a monthly basis;

— repayment of the principal – according to the schedule

Loan currency


Loan collateral

liquid collateral in the form of:

  • — residential or commercial real estate;
  • — road transport;
  • — equipment;
  • — goods in circulation;
  • — property rights to money placed on a deposit account, etc.

How do I apply for my loan?

  • Visit any branch of Pivdenny Bank

    or contact the SME project manager.

  • Provide

    all required documents.

  • After analysing the loan application and valuation of the collateral,

    the bank makes a decision on the feasibility of the loan.

  • After approval,

    sign all the required agreements.

  • Receive

    credit funds on the current account.


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