5-7-9 % Loans

This programme provides simplified access for small and medium-sized businesses to bank credits, allowing them to obtain loans at a reduced interest rate (through state reimbursement of the interest rate at the level of 0 %, 3 %, 5 %, 7 % and 9 % per annum on loans in the national currency).

Pivdenny Bank has joined the Available 5-7-9 % loan programme. The programme is implemented by the Government of Ukraine at the initiative of the President of Ukraine through the Entrepreneurship Development Fund.

Program Objective

  • Development of investment projects
  • Anti-crisis measures: Preventing COVID-19 in Ukraine and overcoming related consequences
  • Refinancing of debts on existing loans for business purposes in Ukrainian banks (including Pivdenny Bank for the purpose of obtaining state support in the form of interest compensation provided for by the programme).

Terms and conditions

  • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (residents of Ukraine);
  • Shareholders and the ultimate beneficial owner must be individuals and Ukrainian residents;
  • The total amount of state support received under any programme over a three-year period cannot exceed the equivalent of EUR 200,000;
  • The maximum loan amount is UAH 50,000,000.00, which is the maximum amount of all loans for the Group of Related Entities under the programme;
  • Total annual income (revenue) for the group of companies is up to EUR 20 million;
  • The compensation rate depends on the programme objective.

Interest Level for Clients

5 % per annum

7 % per annum

9 % per annum

0 % for the quarantine period + 90 days

7% after the quarantine is lifted

 0 % per annum (till 31.03.2021),

3 % per annum from 01.04.2021

Revenue (in total for the NBU group)

from EUR 0 to 2 million.

from EUR 0 to 2 million.

from EUR 2 million

to EUR 20 million

EUR 20 million

EUR 20 million

Job Opportunities

subject to the creation of at least 2 job opportunities during the first quarter

The interest rate is reduced by 0.5 % for each new job opportunity provided based on the financial quarter results, but not less than 5 % per annum.



Life of a Loan

  • Up to 5 years for investment loans
  • Up to 3 years for financing working capital

Loan Amount

UAH 50,000,000.00 within the group (all banks)

however, the maximum amount of compensation paid for a three-year period cannot exceed EUR 200,000.00 (equivalent) within the group

Lending Purpose

Investment projects

  • Acquisition of new and used fixed assets and their modernisation
  • Acquisition of non-residential real estate without the right to lease
  • Construction and reconstruction of premises (except for business premises)
  • Acquisition of intellectual value rights (franchising)
  • Financing of working capital required for an investment project in the amount of up to 25% of its value
  • The loan can be provided to refinance loans issued by Ukrainian banks for the specified purposes
  • investment projects related to the production of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment
  • refinancing of MSE loans for the above purposes
  • replenishment of working capital of MSME

Refinancing of existing debt on MSE loans in Ukrainian banks

Compensation interest rate

The compensation interest rate (client rate) depends on the financing purpose, the annual volume of business income and the number of job opportunities provided.

Development of investment projects

  • 5 per annum, if the revenue does not exceed UAH 50 million and at least 2 new job opportunities have been provided within one quarter
  • 7 per annum for businesses with revenues of up to UAH 50 million
  • 9 per annum for businesses with revenues of UAH 50 million, but not exceeding the equivalent of EUR 20 million*

Anti-crisis measures

for businesses with revenue from UAH 0, but not exceeding the equivalent of EUR 20 million (subject to confirmation of the pandemic impact on business activities)

  • 0 per annum for the period of quarantine/restrictive measures and within 90 days from the date of its (their) elimination;
  • 7 per annum after the lifting of quarantine/restrictive measures and the expiration of 90 days from the date of its (their) elimination.


for businesses with revenue from UAH 0, but not exceeding the equivalent of EUR 20 million (subject to the preservation of a ratio of at least 50% of the wage fund and half of personnel to the indicators as of 1/3/2020)

  • 0 per annum till 31 March 2021;
  • 3 per annum from 1 April 2021.