International activities

Pivdenny Bank offers customised solutions for companies and self-employed clients who are active internationally.

Advice on international business

Free advice concerning international business.

“International” package

If your business is involved in international activities.


A forward is a currency purchase or sale that fixes a client’s obligation to purchase/sell foreign currency at a certain time and on certain conditions in the future at a fixed rate. Such transactions are carried out in order to hedge the risks associated with changing exchange rates.

Corporate cards

An “electronic wallet” that replaces a corporate cheque book and provides round-the-clock access to the account irrespective of bank’s operating hours.

“Comfort” deposit

Earn extra income with the possibility of partial or total withdrawal and early termination of the agreement.

Letters of credit

A firm monetary obligation of the issuing bank to pay/commit to pay money with a deferral based on the documents submitted in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Loans by non-residents

Receiving and servicing loans from foreign loan suppliers.

Documentary collection

A type of settlement between a buyer and seller where the buyer’s bank (representing bank) collects the amount payable by the buyer against respective documents received from the seller’s bank (remitting bank).