Receiving and servicing loans from non-residents

Loans from non-residents

Loans from non-residents are moneys borrowed by a resident from a non-resident through an authorised bank.

Advantages of managing loans from non-residents in Pivdenny Bank:

  • A professional and experienced team.
  • Advice from highly qualified experts on the preparation of the necessary package of documents by the client and checking of the documents submitted.
  • Prompt review of the accepted package of documents.
  • Prompt transfer of the NBU’s notification of the agreement registration to the client.
Fees to service loans from non-residents:
Submission of documents to the NBU related to the acceptance of the loan service agreement and the right of the resident to obtain the loan
UAH 2 500
Review of monthly submissions to the bank by clients, who are NBU registered on the reporting date as being entitled to obtain a non-resident loan
UAH 250 per agreement, including VAT
Independent preparation of monthly reports by bank staff and submission to the NBU, on behalf of clients who have the right to a non-resident loan on that date
UAH 500 per agreement, including VAT

The procedure to submit information on loan agreements (repayment of financial assistance) with non-residents to the NBU:

  1. The client provides the bank with the required package of documents.
  2. The bank reviews the documents submitted and confirms their compliance with the current requirements within 7 working days.
  3. In the absence of comments on the package, the bank submits the information on the contract to the National Bank of Ukraine for registration (in case the bank has comments on the package, the client is requested to provide additional information)
  4. The bank provides the client with written notification of the relevant information concerning registration of the contract in the NBU system.

How do I apply?

  • Contact your personal manager

    for existing clients of the bank.

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