Cash withdraw

List of merchants offering cash withdrawal service at the checkout for card transactions

Updated 11.04.2022

Pivdenny Joint-Stock Bank urges you not to withdraw cash unless absolutely necessary and pay for your purchases with a bankcard. However, if you need cash, below is the list of merchants offering cash withdrawal service at the checkout for card transactions.

The majority of retail chains have the limit of 6000 hryvnias on cash withdrawals. If a different limit applies at a particular merchant, it will be separately stated in parentheses.

Food store chains:

  • ATB
  • Silpo
  • Fora
  • Varus
  • Novus
  • SIM23 - 2000 hryvnias
  • Lotok
  • Tochka
  • ROSHEN - 500 hryvnias
  • Svii Market
  • Torba
  • Auchan
  • Kolo

Petrol station chains:

  • OKKO
  • WOG
  • Ukrnafta - 5000 hryvnias
  • BRSM-Nafta - 500 hryvnias
  • AMIC

Pharmacy chains:

  • Bila Romashka
  • ANC, Shara, Kopiyka, Blahodiya
  • Apteka optovykh tsin
  • Podorozhnyk
  • Salve
  • Apteka 9-1-1
  • Med-service
  • Vitamin
  • Apteka dobroho dnia
  • 1 Sotsialna Apteka


  • Epicenter
  • Foxtrot
  • Shyk i Blysk
  • MasterZoo

How to use the service:

  1. Bring your purchase to the checkout counter.
  2. Tell the cashier you want to withdraw cash when paying for your purchase, and how much. You can withdraw up to the amount stated above per transaction.
  3. Confirm your transaction by entering the card’s PIN or using Touch ID/Face ID on your smartphone or smartwatch.
  4. Get separate receipts for the purchase and cash withdrawal transactions.

Note the fees charged by Pivdennyi Bank on cash withdrawal transactions at retail and service outlets:

  • withdrawal of own funds: no bank fee charged;
  • cash advance: 4.5% of advance amount + 5 UAH

For detailed information, visit: Fee schedule / Payment cards.