Bank Pivdenny confirms its rating for high reliability of bank deposits


Credit Rating, an independent rating agency, has revised the bank’s rating for deposit reliability. According to the updated rating, the agency confirmed the bank deposit reliability rating of Pivdenny Bank at “4+” (high reliability).

The reliability rating for bank deposits reflects the independent opinion of “Credit Rating” about the bank's ability to reliably fulfil its obligations to return bank deposits over the next 12 months. When determining the rating, the agency uses its own system of criteria, namely: bank liquidity; structure, concentration and stability of the resource base; diversification and asset quality; performance efficiency; the degree of sensitivity of the bank to the occurrence of adverse economic or political factors; availability of support and the ability to attract resources. For more than 25 years, Pivdenny Bank has consistently fulfilled its obligations to clients and is a member and agent of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund.

We would like to remind you that in March this year, “Credit Rating”, an independent rating agency, confirmed Pivdenny Bank's long-term credit rating at uaAA with a stable outlook. According to the agency’s national rating scale, a borrower with a rating of uaAA is characterised by very high creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers or debt instruments, and a stable forecast indicates that there are currently no prerequisites for rating changes over the course of the year.