The electronic MLTP policy is now available for Pivdenny Bank clients


From now on, in all branches of Pivdenny Bank it is possible to purchase an electronic policy of compulsory third party liability insurance for cars and other vehicles from the insurance company PZU Ukraine. With an electronic insurance policy, you do not need to carry an agreement form with you. It is enough to simply present the policy in electronic form.

All car owners can quickly and conveniently apply for a policy at any branch of Pivdenny Bank and receive it by e-mail, and if necessary, print it on a printer. The electronic MLTP contract of has the same legal force as the contract drawn up on the form. Such an agreement cannot be lost. In addition, it is more secure than the outdated paper version. If there is no desire to conclude a contract in digital form, the client can draw up an ordinary paper policy. Contracts in paper form are valid along with an electronic policy.

An electronic policy brings you a number of advantages:

  • policy is issued here and now;
  • no need of paper contracts (the policy is always at hand in an electronic mail box);
  • online registration in the MTIBU system (the policy is immediately registered and has the status "current").

You can learn more about the work of Pivdenny Bank branches.

we want to remind, that in December 2018, Pivdenny Bank began to cooperate with the insurance company PZU Ukraine. You can purchase and quickly issue various PZU insurance products at any branch of Pivdenny Bank. Moreover, the cost of policies does not differ from the cost when applying for a policy at the office of an insurance company.

Pivdenny Bank is a universal Ukrainian bank, founded in 1993, with its head office in Odessa. The Bank offers a wide range of services for business customers and individuals throughout Ukraine thanks to a regional network which at the end of December 2018 consisted of 95 branches in 18 regions of Ukraine.

PZU Ukraine cares about its clients for more than 25 years. The PZU Ukraine group mission is to offer to its clients simple, and efficient insurance products and high service level, which together will guarantee clients security and easy way to use PZU Ukraine insurance products.