Have fun with fantastic Lerks by paying with Mastercard cards from Pivdenny Bank in Silpo

29.08.2019 - 23.10.2019

Pay for purchases in the Silpo supermarket chain and receive one Lerk for every UAH 99 you spend.

Lerks are strange and entertaining magical creatures.

Pay for your purchases using a smartphone with your Pivdenny Bank Mastercard (Google Pay NFC wallet, Apple Pay, bank wallets), including in the Silpo app, and receive an additional Lerk.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the "Lerks" mobile app from the App Store and Play Market
  • Pay for purchases in Silpo supermarkets with Mastercard cards from Pivdenny Bank
  • Scan a Lerk card with your phone for every UAH 99 you spend – and the character will come to life

The mobile application allows you to play with Lerks (the application also features an AR game "Lerk's Way").

If your friends have received and uploaded Lerks in Silpo, you can connect with them and play "Fun Run" together.


Promotion period: 29 August – 23 October 2019

Location: Silpo supermarkets and Le Silpo delicatessens

Detailed conditions: silpo.ua and mastercard.ua