Denial of misleading publications in some media


We regret to state that on June 2 and 3 a number of Latvian mass media published negative and misleading information directly or indirectly related to Yurii Rodin, the majority shareholder of Pivdenny Bank (Ukraine) and Regional Investment Bank (Latvia). This information was later republished by some of the Ukrainian media.

With all responsibility we declare that none of the leased aircrafts with Yurii Rodin onboard has ever been searched by customs or law enforcement officials at the Riga airport. We also confirm that Yurii Rodin has always crossed the state border of Latvia in compliance with all the rules and regulations regarding the objects to be declared. Moreover, all his actions were always aimed at carefully following the rules. None of the shareholders of Pivdenny Bank has ever been related to the operations with illegal money.

It is also important to mention that Regional Investment Bank (RIB) has never been fined for circumventing any sanctions, as reported by some media.

Regional Investment Bank was ranked 9th and 10th by assets and capital among 17 banks registered in Latvia by the end of 2018. The Bank is among the only three financial institutions in Latvia that submitted audited financial reports for year 2018 in a timely manner, confirming both its financial stability and the viability of the new development strategy.

RIB is part of the Pivdenny Bank Group with assets exceeding USD 1 billion.