Return and refund

In terms of the recall of and refunds for souvenirs of proper quality, Pivdenny bank is guided by the following requirements:

According to List No. 172, the list of goods of proper quality that cannot be recalled (returned) includes fine jewellery, jewellery made of precious gems, precious gemstones of organogenic formation and semi-precious stones.

According to Order No. 780 of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, a piece of jewellery made of precious metals and gems is a product of cultural and household purpose made of precious metals and gems.

According to the current laws of Ukraine, coins made of precious metals and gems are equated to jewellery and, therefore, are considered to be final sale products.


In the event of delivery by a logistics company, provided the order has not been requested by the buyer within the period specified by the logistics company, such shipment is considered unclaimed and the logistics company has the right to dispose of such shipment in accordance with its internal rules.

In the event of collection in person, paid orders are kept in the bank for 15 calendar days. After the expiration of the storage period of numismatic products, the bank will refund 70 % of the total value of the order to the customer. Upon placing an order, the customer consents to the reduced refund rate of 70 % of the order value in accordance with the rules of sale of numismatic products.