War bonds

In the conditions of martial law, Pivdennyi Joint-Stock Bank proposes its customers to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by investing in war bonds of the domestic government loan bond issue.

After imposing martial law, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to issue war bonds. These bonds are intended to raise funds to finance military operations and stabilize the country’s financial system. The National Bank of Ukraine’s Depository is responsible for placing, registering, and servicing the marketing of war bonds.

Pivdennyi Bank is a primary dealer of the Finance Ministry.

Natural and legal persons desirous of investing in war bonds are welcome to contact Pivdennyi Bank.

To purchase war bonds:

  1. Open a hryvnia or a foreign-currency account and a securities account.
  1. Make a brokerage agreement.

Maturity term: 1 month, 1 year

Bond yield (set by the Finance Ministry): from 10% for hryvnia-denominated and from 3.7% for foreign currency-denominated bonds.

Limit on the number of war bonds an investor can purchase: none.

To invest in war bonds, ask your manager or visit a Pivdennyi Bank branch.

Beginning from 1 March 2022, Pivdennyi Bank has already purchased UAH 73 million worth of war bonds for its customers.