Amber scarab

Certificate Case

Amber scarab

Certificate Case

Coin value

5 dollars




Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

antique finish, high relief, amber inserts



By assigning all the divine powers and virtues to the scarab, the Egyptians made it the most secret and most desirable talisman, one which must accompany a person throughout life. According to the ancient Egyptians, this beetle was the embodiment of the miraculous, life-giving forces of nature. Egyptian warriors wore the symbol of the scarab for protection. Jewellery in the form of a scarab helps cope with bad moods and inspires positive emotions. The Egyptians believed that the persistent and determined beetle gave rise to itself and in this manner resembled deities such as the ancient solar god Khepri, and other gods – the creators of humankind, the world, and the universe. Amber is a symbol of happiness and health; it not only promises victory over enemies, but also brings beauty and longevity to its bearer.

The main symbol of ancient Egypt will protect you from bad energy. If you buy such an amber scarab for your home, you will make a profit and will have good luck, because it is not without reason that the Egyptians used it as a talisman to attract money and success. Images with the scarab stimulate forward movement, promote career growth and business prosperity. The scarab was associated with the god Khepri, depicted with the head of a scarab, who was considered the creator of the world and of humans.