Amethyst Scarab

Certificate Case

Amethyst Scarab

Certificate Case
2,800 UAH
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Coin value

1 dollar




Niue Island


Mint of Poland

Year of issue






Ligature mass, g


Quality of mintage

proof, digital printing, rose gold plating, amethyst insert



The scarab was considered a symbol of a new, brighter life. It pushes people towards their goals and enables them to harvest the Sun’s energy. This coin is a perfect match for people who are accustomed to having their way, winning and always getting what they want. Because of its delicate purple colour, amethyst has been called a “violet stone.” It is considered to be a symbol of harmony, protecting against evil thoughts, conflicts and quarrels. Quartz brings comfort to the home, protects against the evil eye, helps rid one of bad moods and “extinguishes” temper tantrums. Amethyst was believed to give courage and prevent rash acts. As an added bonus, this exquisite gem also helps women to maintain their beauty and prolong their youthfulness.

The Egyptian scarab beetle was also associated with Ra, the Egyptian sun god. According to Egyptian mythology, this god revives the Sun daily, rolling it across the sky during the day and carrying it to another world to recreate it again the next day. The main purpose of the amulet is to protect against evil sorcery, destructive energy, and the malevolent influence of dark forces. It has the power to shield against negativity, intrigue, gossip, malicious intentions and the evil eye aimed towards its bearer.